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    Welcome to Offtopic discussions. Here we talk about Cebi's one month dating rule, Yanga's new music, our crazy experiences & relationships, scary DM'S, our wild celebrity encounters and how Cebi keeps saying he's going to buy a house in Clifton as well as the latest music from your favorite artist. Stay tuned on Spotify Music @Offtopic

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    Offtopic is a podcast started by two friends from Cape Town, South Africa📍, with the intent to give the youth and their peers a voice in a world where one believes they do not have one. They talk about Socio-economic issues, friends, relationships, crazy celebrity crushes & encounters and their somewhat surreal High School experiences as well as taking a deep dive into heartbreaks and the latest music.

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    Yes Offtopic will be launching a YouTube vlog channel , where we not only talk about our experiences but where we show case everything about our lives ,so stay tuned...coming soon...

    Channel :  @offtopic vlogs

  • Behind the Scenes 

    Get to the know the voices behind the podcast and what they do in their free time.

    Yanga Lawana 


    Yanga Lawana also known by his stage name as Romy is a hip hop artist and producer based in Cape Town. The 19 year old has two projects out and aspires to be better consistently.

    Cebisa Vili


    Cebisa Vili is a hockey player and  aspires to represent the South African National  Team in the near future and with one of his favorite role models being Elon Musk and like his co-host aspires to be better consistently.
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    Launching soon - 1st August 2020. Tell us what you think we should talk about or send your friends a shout out.